Pastor Dale Thomas
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Pastor Thomas has served First Baptist since 1996. He participates in the Keokuk Christian Ministerial Association as well as the Mid-American Baptist Ministers Council.

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Sunday March 26, 2017
 The Special Night Light
        John 9: 35 – 41

Children will often want a nightlight in their bedroom to chase away the imaginary ‘monsters’ that invade their sleep and dreams.  But, God has come to us as a Light to dispel the darkness of evil and sin (John 1:5).  Jesus is that Light; just as he said: (John 8: 12; 9:5) “I am the Light of the world.”  To follow Him is to have that Light and to see by that Light.  The darkness cannot dispel the Light, only the Light will cast out, overcome, or dispel the darkness of evil.
.    We are given the opportunity of choice; whether it is to live in the Light or remain in the darkness of sin and evil.  It is only with the presence of the Light that the darkness is overcome.  While some will choose to live in the darkness, to embrace evil and corruption, it will only be in the choice of inviting the Light into our lives that we will see the realities of evil, sin and corruption.
.    John 9: 39 says that Jesus has come for judgment.  It is not that He comes to punish any or all who stand against Him, but He comes to discern between those who are in the Light and those who stand in darkness.  He offers us the opportunity and ability of choice.  There will be those who are blinded by the Light.  The Pharisees (most but not all) were blinded by the Law of Moses and could not see the Light of truth who is the Son of God.  They could see the command of God, and as they knew the Word of the prophets, they could see the promise of the Messiah, but when Jesus came to them, they were blinded and could not see that God was there, in person, with them.   It takes the Light of the world t see the truth of God’s desire for humanity, and our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.