Pastor Dale Thomas
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Pastor Thomas has served First Baptist since 1996. He participates in the Keokuk Christian Ministerial Association as well as the Mid-American Baptist Ministers Council.

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Sunday August 20, 2017
  The Wisdom of Silence   
Amos 5: 13 – 18

The current news is most distressing.  It is distressing for man reasons.  We grieve the loss of life, we grieve the anger and animosity that permeates our society. Yet, we fail to focus upon solutions and resolutions to the hated and violence in a way that answers the question of “What Would Jesus Do?”  Ecclesiastes 3 speaks through the heart of Solomon with words of futility and hopelessness: ” a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to love and a time to hate; a time of war and a time for peace; a time to tear and a time to mend; a time to be silent and a time to speak.”  Have we forgotten the time to be silent?  Is it a time to mourn or a time for peace?  The internet has “blown up” with all of the commentaries and both real and fake ‘news’ to join the showboat of opinion about someone else.  Yes, there is a time to speak, but there is also a time to be silent.
.     Amongst all of the voices, who speaks with the purity and holiness of God?  Have we forgotten the words of Jesus that are found in John 8:7 chastising the Jewish leaders for their willingness to condemn the woman, without first looking at their own sins?  Are the voices that shout the loudest speaking of justice, or do they speak out of the guilt of their own sins?  But, let us be careful to not make this a matter of legalism; let us make this a matter of divine compassion and justice; a matter of our own forgiveness in our relationship with Christ.
.    For Elijah, (I Kings 19) it was in his silence and humility that he hears the still, small voice of God.  In the times of our personal solitude, we have the opportunity to listen for that voice of God, to await the cleansing (Isaiah 6) and purifying of God, so that our voice will speak the Holy Truth, and not our human bias.  Amos rose up in that God-given Holiness to condemn the sin and corruption and call the people to seek good – the things of God, with the hope and prayer that God’s mercy and love will fall upon all of us and His Creation.