Pastor Dale Thomas
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Pastor Thomas has served First Baptist since 1996. He participates in the Keokuk Christian Ministerial Association as well as the Mid-American Baptist Ministers Council.

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Sunday August 19, 2018
Get Outa the Boat
Matthew 14: 22 – 31

In a continuation from last week’s theme of the call of Jesus to follow Him, it was Peter who was not sure of the call of Jesus, even after he had determined to leave behind his fishing business.  It is in today’s Scripture that Peter poses the question of his doubt of the divine power of Jesus (to walk on water).  In the fear and terror of the moment Peter wants to hear the voice of Jesus directly speaking to him, and additionally, to create the miracle for Peter, to also walk on the water.  It was with a single word, “Come,” that Peter took this leap of faith.  He climbs over the side of the boat and onto the water.

In Peter’s obedience to the call/command of Jesus, his actions place him in the miracles of the spectacular.  He was actually walking on the water.  But instead of keeping his eyes fixed on Jesus, fully trusting in His Word, Peter began to notice the winds that were around him; the winds that had kept them from completing the journey across the Sea of Galilee.  There had been no command to look around and see what your are overcoming.  There was no call for the storm to subside.  Jesus said only for Peter to come to Him, a task that peter failed to do, and he began to sink in the waves.  When we look around us, and see the winds of adversity blowing strongly against us, are we looking at Jesus or are we looking at the winds?

For Peter, and for us, it is a matter of faith.  As the old hymn: “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” when we are weary and troubled from the storms of life that surround us, we must look to Jesus, fully and completely.  Jesus declared the lack of complete faith of Peter, as He rescued him for the waters.  With the touch of the Master’s hand, Peter was rescued and they got back into the boat.  When doubt comes upon us in the uncertainty of life, we need to respond to the voice of God (Jesus) and get out of the boat, the places of our own comfort zones and trust God to take care of us through the storms.  It is our faith that will bring us back into the boat as He calms the storms that seem to overpower us.