Pastor Dale Thomas
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Pastor Thomas has served First Baptist since 1996. He participates in the Keokuk Christian Ministerial Association as well as the Mid-American Baptist Ministers Council.

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Sunday May 7, 2017
 Recognizing Jesus  
Luke 24: 25 – 32

Throughout our lives we end up searching.  The young child searches for presents or candy.  The youth may search for a job or friends. In our old age, we search for car keys or reading glasses.  But, the disciples were searching for truth and new realities after the crucifixion.  They were searching for Jesus, amidst the reports of His resurrection.  Yet, they were unaware of the very presence of Jesus as they walked along the road to Emmaus.
.    Though they spoke to Jesus, they failed to recognize Him.  They told their sad tale of the hopes that were dashed by His crucifixion.  They bemoaned the word of the women, that Jesus was alive, but, as yet, unseen.  There was no mention of faith, or believing what Jesus had taught them; it was a list of negatives.  Does that sound familiar?  When things go “wrong” according to our ideas, how fast are we to complain or even blame others for the situations we face?  How quickly we forget that God is always in control and what we may consider to be “God’s plan” is in reality, our plan.  We forget the words of Romans 8: 28.
.   When life seems to be going in directions that we might not want, we begin to get ‘cold feet.’  We question the wisdom of God, or the timing of God because of what we experience.  But when these two disciples urged the hospitality to this fellow travelling stranger, to eat the bread of the Passover week with him, they quickly saw Jesus for themselves.  Oh, how this warmed their hearts, and it warmed their feet as well.  They rose up from the table, in the late hour of the day and hurried back to Jerusalem (some 7 miles by foot in the dark) to tell the others.  In their encounter with the risen Lord, the dangers of the journey were no longer a concern.  The sorrows of the crucifixion were left behind.  The truth and reality of all that Jesus said and all that Jesus is lifted them to heights of joy.