Pastor Dale Thomas
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Pastor Thomas has served First Baptist since 1996. He participates in the Keokuk Christian Ministerial Association as well as the Mid-American Baptist Ministers Council.

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Sunday December 17, 2017

A Single Candle Light

Matthew 5: 13 – 16


How much difference can one voice, one word, one thought, one wish make?  A solitary light is sufficient to dispel the darkness of a room.  One promise can change the heart and future of the whole world.  One love brought eternal forgiveness to a world. “O little town of Bethlehem…Yet in thy dark streets shineth the everlasting light. The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee [the Light of the world] tonight.”

Mary, chosen by God, made the journey to Bethlehem as her time to deliver the promised child came near.  In the waning light of that day, Joseph sought a place for their rest.  But, only a stable, a cave in the hillside, was available.  In the darkness of that place, in the hopelessness of the world situation, the son of God was born.  The single greatest promise to the world, born in the dim light of a lamp; a single light would now shine brightly for all to see.  Yet, Mary kept these things in her heart, pondering their full meaning.

Do we see the Light?  Though dim and flickering in the winds/storms of our lives, it still shines, for He is the Light of the World.  (John 8: 12) Later, by His own word, this would be acknowledged.  [READ]  He did not say I am a light, but ‘I am THE Light,” a solitary light to guide you and me to the Truth.  A lamp to our feet and a light to our path.  We hide His Word and His Truth in our hearts so that we might not sin against God.  The hopes and fears find their resolution in this One Sacred Light as it shines in the darkness (not just) of the world, but in our hearts.

This Single Light shines, not for its own glory, but out of the love of our Creator, God.  Do we see this love as from God, or have we been captivated by the sentimental images of the young mother who gives birth in the warm glow of that Nativity?  Have we forgotten that god’s love comes to us, through the oppression of Caesar Augustus and a census, solely for the purpose of excessive taxation?  Have we forgotten the cold-hearted rejection of people who turned away this expectant mother, as she was soon to deliver?  Will we forget the pains of this childbirth and the conditions of a stable?

But the Light has come, that single, solitary light for all to see.  It is the Light of God’s Love.  Whoever follows this light, will never be a victim of the darkness. The follower of Jesus will have the eternal Light of Life, and have it abundantly.  This Light brings an abundance of the heart, overflowing with the joy of our salvation, of our rescue from the clutches of sin.

Do you see the light?  Will you follow THIS Light?  Ours is the opportunity, today, to commit our life to One Single Candle Light, who is Christ the Lord.